903, 2020

Does Blogging Help SEO?

Does Blogging Help SEO? You’re reading this blog, aren’t you? End of blog… Just kidding! The short answer is, yes is absolutely does. Let’s dive in a little deeper and discuss why it helps and what a website owner should be doing to maximize the impact their blog has on rankings. What is a blog? Sometimes there’s confusion about what a [...]

903, 2020

Google vs Bing vs Yahoo

What Search Engines Matter? Despite everyday vernacular, Google isn’t the only search engine on the web. So, why is there so much focus on Google when it comes to rankings? Do the other search engines matter? Should SEO spend time working on optimizing for Bing, Yahoo, or other search engine results? Let’s explore why there’s s much emphasis on Google and whether your [...]

901, 2020

SEO vs Web Design

SEO vs Web Design On the surface, contrasting web design and SEO seems like an apple to chicken wing comparison. However, our experience with clients tells us that web designers often sell their SEO services as part of the web design process. While it’s true there is overlap, they are separate skill sets and require totally different tools and knowledge. It is possible [...]

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What is Black Hat SEO?

By |March 13th, 2019|Categories: SEO|

What is Black HAT SEO? In every industry, there is a right way and a wrong way to get the job done. SEO is no different. A house built with improper building methods will look nice on day one, but over time problems will begin to manifest themselves. The same holds true for [...]