SEO Keyword Analysis

Find out where your competition ranks and develop a strategy to gain market share.


Give us your competitors and we’ll tell you exactly what keywords they are rankings for and in what position.

Gap Analysis

Knowing what position your site is in relative to your competition allows you to target their market share and capitalize on your advantages.


Develop a SEO strategy based upon real keyword data and valid competitive comparisons.

Monitor Results

Cardinal SEO can track and report on your rankings and visibility improvements from implementing the findings of the Keyword Gap Analysis.

Competitive Gap Analysis

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” – Sun Tzu

That’s a little dramatic for the SEO space, but it is good advice for your small or large business. With a Keyword Gap Analysis report from Cardinal SEO you will know your “enemy” and yourself. Our gap analysis will show your current visbility and rankings plus the visibility and rankings of your top 4 competitors. The report shows the gap in your keyword strategy, giving you vital information about what to target during your SEO campaign. It also let’s you know where your website stands and what keywords offer an “easy” win. If you’re confident in your web development and content writing skills, this the perfect, low-cost SEO service for your business.