SEO Consultant

Let Cardinal SEO guide your team to the top of Search Engine Results

Full Audit

Our SEO Consulting services start with our full scale SEO audit. We report on your websites health, SEO factors, current rankings, and how you compare to your competition.

Keyword Research

Through our discovery process we will help you identify the keywords you should be ranking for. Our research will uncover what keywords you customers are using to find you and competing businesses.

SEO Recommendations

The team at Cardinal SEO will recommend optimizations to your technical and onpage factors. We can consult on link development or perform outreach to help build you backlink portfolio.

Benchmarking & Monitoring

Our SEO Consulting begins by benchmarking your current rankings. Once we’ve established a baseline, we’ll keep monitoring your position for as long as you’re a client.

More About Cardinal SEO’s Consulting Services

Do you have a strong understanding of web design, a background in coding, employ a team of developers? Was your site built on a complicated CMS like Magento? If so, our SEO consulting campaign might be the solution your business has been looking for. Cardinal SEO Consulting was designed to give business owners an opportunity to pursue SEO on their timeline. Once you’ve been presented with the strategy, you can implement the solutions quickly and use the techniques to continue on your path to search ranking dominance.

At Cardinal SEO we don’t hold anything back. Whether you’re an ongoing SEO client or SEO Consulting client, we use the same tools, checklist, and techniques to improve your sites visibility, impressions, traffic, and rankings. If you’re unsure about whether you and your team are capable, ask yourself a few simple questions.

  1. Can my team or I access and make modifications to our website?
  2. Can my team or I submit a sitemap to Google Search Console?
  3. Can my team or I install an SSL on our site?
  4. Can my team or I minify Javascript?
  5. Can my team or I configure a CDN?

If you and your team can confidently tackle these tasks, then you should be a good fit for SEO Consulting.