SEO Site Audit

In-depth analysis of your websites current rankings and site health

Site Health

Get a detailed report on the health of your website. We analyze everything that affects the technical apsects of your website, making recommendations on how to improve load times and user experience – which results in better rankings.

Onpage Optimizations

Get a thorough report on what onpage optimizations are needed to improve you sites rankings. You’ll receive site wide recommendations and detailed page specific changes based upon our collaborative keyword research.

Competitive Analysis

Get an extensive breakdown of how your site compares to local, national, and internet competitors. Leverage your strengths against their weaknesses and build a strategy to ourankthe competition with an unparalleled insight into their position.

Continuous Monitoring

Have piece of mind knowing that yourimplementation of our recommendations are producing results. We will continuously monitor your websites health and rankings through our consulting process, providing feedback throughout.

More About Cardinal SEO’s Site Audit

SEO site audits are complicated and time-consuming when done correctly. The tools used to crawl and report on the health of a website, and search results position accurately is expensive and detailed. When you receive an audit from Cardinal SEO, it includes 30 days of site monitoring in addition to the final report. We do this, so you know if your implementations are working and because if you decide to become an SEO client, we have a better benchmark of where you started. There are plenty of free SEO audit tools available online and they are a good start, but if you want to dig into the nuts and bolts of your site and your Search Engine rankings our audit can expose much more than a free tool.